These are the words of a Bob Dylan song

but they encapsulate the inspirational messages coming from Inside Out Schools which continues to spread to all parts of the country and across the world.

Since 2007, Will Ryan has worked alongside school leaders and teachers to promote the highest possible quality primary education based on his research and observations of what our best schools do and how inspirational school leaders lead with their own heart, soul and mind, rather than being the victim off endless political meddling.

His training events have the capacity to make an audience rock with laughter whilst developing a range of ideas to drive teaching , learning and school leadership forward. His books continue to perform well in the Amazon best seller charts and collect 5 star reviews  which regularly calling for him to become the next Secretary of State for Education. Schools across the nation are heeding the message and turning themselves inside out. Not only are inspirational teachers creating inspirational learners in their classrooms they are also thriving during Ofsted inspections because of their unique memorable qualities.

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An inspirational, child centred speaker who spoke to us from the heart and with a philosophy that resonated

(Hereford Headteacher’s Conference)

    19 Parklands View                                                       Phone: 0114 287 7576

    Aston                                                                             Mobile: 0791 409 8332

    Sheffield                                                                        Email:

    S26 2GW                                                                       Web:

Gonna change my way of thinking

Make myself a different set of rules

Gonna put my good foot forward

And stop being influenced by fools

Coming soon...

The Strife of Brian

A fabulous leadership fable of our hero Brian who listened very carefully to his political masters and then achieves greatness by doing the exact opposite.

The book will be published in 2017 but if you want a sneak preview, visit our blog

The book is packed with ideas to create a truly inspirational primary school and transformational leadership. 

Will has used it at many training events over the last year, here are some of the comments...